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About Us

Passionate about baking and a working mom, Joanna the founder

of Whatsinzbox, wanted to involve her kids Lucas & Capri in her

baking journey to find out that this is so much fun for them and her

but at the same time, it’s a whole mess especially when the

ingredients are not measured. However, this didn’t stop her, she realized how easy baking with

kids could be when everything was prepared ahead of time, she

had to share this mess-free fun activity with other moms and dads.

Understanding moms and dads’ hassle in providing their kids with new

innovative activities that keep them busy and at the same time

excited, pushed her to create Whatsinzbox baking boxes that

include all the needed premeasured ingredients, step-by-step

illustrated recipe card and even the needed utensils, because less

Shopping and searching for the needed materials means more

time baking with the family!

Our goal is to provide kids and parents a chance to get offline and

bond together by making recipes and activities that open the door

to fun, creativity, and confidence that kids can carry for a lifetime in

the kitchen and beyond.


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